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By Lindsey Holliday on August 14, 2015

AdVision Q&A: Inbound Specialist, Meredith Cook

AdVision staff Q&A time!  From polishing our own branding and marketing to designing all of our clients work from scratch, Meredith is irreplaceable. We don't know what we would do without her. Get to know our favorite designer!

Q: What first got you excited about design?


My love for design actually goes way back to childhood. As a kid, I would create pretty little name cards to go on the table for big holiday dinners, draw posters and signs to go on my bedroom door, and flip through my mom’s Southern Living magazines just to look at the story layouts and graphics. I grew up as a visual person, but it wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I got my hands on Illustrator and Photoshop and began designing in the way I do today.     


Q: What were you up to before working at AdVision?  


After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill last May, I spent the summer soaking up my last couple of months by the beach and moved to Denver in August. For my first four months here, I was a Creative Media Intern for a home decor and arts company called DENY Designs. I began with AdVision after I realized that I wanted to work with an agency rather than doing in-house design and marketing work.


Q: Do you have any advice for people wanting to break into the design and digital marketing field?


This might sound too simple, but design, design, design! I find that my design skills improve tons when I live and breathe design – doing personal work, watching tutorials to learn new things, and gathering inspiration from design blogs.


Q: What is your favorite thing about working at AdVision?


I love all the people at AdVision! I think it’s so important to love who you work with since you basically see them more than anyone else. Our company culture rocks, and I’m grateful I get to spend every day with these people.


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Published by Lindsey Holliday August 14, 2015