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On a beautiful Friday with lots of sunshine, we all took a break from our computers to get our hands dirty at a local Habitat for Humanity build in northeast Denver. As digital marketers, it had been awhile since most of us had handled power tools -- and our leader, Marianne, sure put us to work! In six rewarding hours, we helped further the construction of energy-efficient and safe homes for local families.

AdVision Habitat for Humanity Build

AdVision Habitat BuildThroughout the day, Marianne was our project manager, mentor, and inevitably friend. With a positive attitude and lots of patience, she taught us how to caulk, place siding, and put up flashing on the four houses we were responsible for.

Most of the team started the day cleaning up the site, but around noon, we got into the fun stuff -- more siding and exterior work. When our team was joined by another group, we had the rest of the day to work all together. It was amazing to see how much our progress showed in the end, mainly on the exterior of the homes.

Despite the heat, it was a truly rewarding day. It's incredible to see how inexperienced handymen and women like ourselves can make such a difference in the lives of these people. And as always, it's a strong boost for team morale to get out of the office and help our community.AdVision Habitat Build

If you or your company has never participated in a Habitat build, we would like to invite you to consider it! Find your local Habitat chapter here, or read more about the variety of volunteer programs Habitat for Humanity offers.

Meredith Cook
Post by Meredith Cook
August 25, 2016