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Brightlark Digital Adapts to Small Business Needs

Small businesses all over the US are finding ways to adapt to the ‘new normal’. This new normal is uncharted territory for...

Matt Walde May 25, 2020

Link-Building Is Not Dead

Over the past several months, Google has gotten far more strict about where your backlinks come from. Paid links are...

Chris Kampfe March 24, 2014

3 Tips For Creating Content for a "Boring" Industry

Believe it or not, the world of digital marketing doesn’t interest everyone. While we can’t help but geek out when we...

Sarah Brizendine March 19, 2014

Content Marketing for Client Retention

Many marketers get caught up in the hunt for new prospects. It's understandable; we're taught that we should always be...

Jon Stroker March 17, 2014

Keyword Optimization: When You Need It & When You Don't

It's easy to get confused about the importance of keywords. Some people come to a mistaken belief that everything on your...

Holly Lieberman March 14, 2014

PPC Analysis is About More Than Keywords

The lowest hanging fruit to optimize once a Pay Per Click campaign is live are the keywords. It’s almost always the first...

Matt Walde March 12, 2014

3 Ways to Better Target Your PPC Campaigns

Pay per click advertising can get expensive, particularly in highly-competitive markets. But, you can make your clicks...

Matt Walde March 06, 2014

Shiny Object Syndrome

I grew up in Omaha, and by default, am therefore genetically predisposed to reading more by, and about Warren Buffet than...

Chris Kampfe March 04, 2014


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