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Thomas Raville

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By Thomas Raville
on September 27, 2017

With all of the acronyms floating around the digital marketing world today, it’s easy to confuse which tactics are used to accomplish certain goals for your website. When you constantly hear terms like SEO, PPC, or CRO, it’s easy for the eyes to start glazing over and for your focus to shift to more important issues like, “How have I still not started Chris Thompson on my fantasy team?”

By Thomas Raville
on June 08, 2017

Before I go any further, I’d like to preface that this is an opinion piece. This opinion has been formed by years of collective research, industry experience, and hands-on campaign management, but is an opinion nonetheless. The opinion of this author is that in 2017, Google is dangerously close to diluting the value of one of it’s most powerful tools for small and medium sized businesses: AdWords. The key takeaway here is that Google is reducing the power of AdWords for businesses while increasing the power and revenue that AdWords provides to Google. 

By Thomas Raville
on February 09, 2017

Bad sales habits: we all have them and they’re tough to break. Business development is a constant numbers game so it can be difficult to take a step back at times and analyze negative sales habits that we have picked up along the way. Think about your current sales practices and see if you share any of the bad sales habits I’ve listed below:

By Thomas Raville
on April 26, 2016

Access to better data and analytics is reshaping consumer and client expectations for the products and services we buy and the partners with which we work. Thanks to Uber, we now expect on-demand local travel with real-time data and analytics as to ETA’s, routes, and fares. Electronic banking applications have almost eliminated our need for visits to the bank and have created expectations for instant mobile deposits, transfers, and fund growth insights.

By Thomas Raville
on February 16, 2016

Today’s consumer has access to a wealth of information to support buying decisions and shorten the sales process. Thankfully sales professionals have countless tools and resources available to them in order to stay organized and in constant communication with potential customers. However many of these tools can be expensive and are only accessible to larger companies and organizations.

By Thomas Raville
on January 06, 2016

Anyone who has ever worked in sales can tell you that leads are everything when you're trying to increase your business' sales figures. But which leads will provide the best results? How do you nurture and grow those leads to turn them into conversions? These four best practices will help you increase sales by building a lead list that will provide great results.

By Thomas Raville
on January 04, 2016


In today’s internet landscape of ad blockers, spam folders, and increasingly short attention spans, it has never been more difficult for sales professionals to deliver the right message to the right audience. Internet users are selective about the information they seek and salespeople and marketers cannot afford to waste time and resources targeting the wrong buyers for their products and services.