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Late is better than never.  But if you're late, you had better make a grand entrance.  Google did just that.  Unfortunately, they might be leaving the party earlier than expected...

After releasing their much delayed social network, Google+, to the public on 9/20, they quickly saw more than 25 Million users sign up for what was expected to be their next big hit.  However, since the big release, they've seen new sign ups dip by more than 60% in the last few weeks.  Ouch.

After Google Wave, and Google Buzz, we too thought Google+ would have to be a hit.  Third time's a charm, right..?  Maybe not.  Upon hearing the news that Google+ was in Beta, we hit up our Google rep for an invite, and couldn't wait to see what the excitement was all about.  However, once we actually began using Google+, we realized how great Facebook really is.  Why would I invite all of my friends to use another social network, when the one we've got is doing just fine.  The effort to start over just wasn't worth it.

For the record, we love Google and just about everything they create.  And we're not saying Facebook will be the end all be all social network.  Someone right now is bound to be sitting on the next big idea, ready to thump Zuckerberg from his Silicon throne.  But with nearly a Billion active Facebook users, or one of every 6 people on planet Earth, it's difficult to imagine that happening anytime soon.  If Google hasn't been able to pull it off in 3 attempts, who can?
Matt Walde
Post by Matt Walde
October 12, 2011