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microdataDiane Urban from HubSpot recently came out with a great article on integrating Rich Snippets and Microdata into your SEO efforts.

A few interesting points in the article we try and share with our clients, which Diane skillfully addressed, include:

  • Using microdata to increase your search result listings' click-through-rate by 30%.

  • Marking up the code in your blog posts to show authorship by real human beings.

  • Implementing rich snippets to give your organization more real estate in the search engine results pages (SERPs). You can learn more about this from Google Webmaster Tools Help here.

Schema.org is another great source for information about Microdata and has some great tools for building your own Microdata sets. The Scheme collaboration provides instruction and tools to help you mark up a much wider variety of content including movies, T.V. shows, online video, and more.

Bottom line: DO sweat the small stuff; Microdata is an easy addition to include in any SEO initiative.

Besides organization listings and authorship, what other simple ways have you included microdata on your site? Let us know in the comments below.

Jon Stroker
Post by Jon Stroker
April 15, 2013
Jon Stroker is a self-proclaimed inbound marketing nerd, snowboarder, and bear-fighter, in that order. Jon graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder where he studied advertising and marketing. He enjoys starting new projects and helping his clients build successful inbound marketing campaigns from the ground up.