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Inbound Marketing Case Study: Stronghold FloorsAt AdVision Marketing, we pride ourselves on delivering measurable results for our clients. Perhaps one of the best examples of inbound marketing success is with our client, Stronghold Floors. Check out the full version of our new Stronghold Floors case study here.

Stronghold Floors is a regional concrete floor coating business based out of Mechanicsburg, PA. They install beautiful concrete floor coatings that not only look great, but protect your floors as well. If you have a concrete floor to coat in your garage, basement, or patio in Pennsylvania, Maryland, or Virginia, these are the guys to call.

Stronghold Floors' management originally came to us with some concrete (pun intended) digital marketing goals: increase traffic, increase lead generation, and lower the target CPA (cost per lead acquisition). As with most of our clients, they knew they needed inbound marketing, but needed professional help to make it work, while still keeping the business running smoothly.

Not only did we work with them to develop a brand-new, interactive website, we also helped them to incorporate many of the inbound marketing best practices. The online segment of their business now benefits from

Shortly after working with Stronghold Floors, we are proud to say that we have achieved some outstanding results. While organic website traffic, lead counts, and conversion rates increased, we were still able to lower Stronghold Floors’ cost per lead by 33%.

How did we accomplish these goals? Find out how we were able to transform Stronghold Floors’ inbound marketing efforts in our new case study.


Jon Stroker
Post by Jon Stroker
June 26, 2013
Jon Stroker is a self-proclaimed inbound marketing nerd, snowboarder, and bear-fighter, in that order. Jon graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder where he studied advertising and marketing. He enjoys starting new projects and helping his clients build successful inbound marketing campaigns from the ground up.