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Digital Marketing Job MemeMy name is Holly Lieberman, and I started as a Digital Marketing Coordinator at AdVision Marketing about a month ago. In this time I took a deep dive into the world of Search and Inbound Marketing.

I came from the University of Colorado with a degree in Advertising and a certificate in Technology, Arts and Digital Media. I had the basic html knowledge that I would need for search engine optimization efforts, a rudimentary understanding of Pay Per Click Advertising, and a foundation for understanding how inbound marketing can help a business’ digital marketing campaigns. But I had no idea how deep these different segments of AdVision’s services could go.

The following are the online resources that can teach you the basics of the Search Industry.


Anyone who has worked in the Pay Per Click arena knows that becoming AdWords certified is a MUST. This process can take months due to the wealth of knowledge needed to pass the certification test. Google's AdWords Fundamentals will help you put Google’s PPC platform into perspective.


Keywords are the building blocks within the search industry. Without effective Keywords, SEO and PPC efforts would be worthless. 5 Secrets to Selecting Highly Effective SEO Keywords by Inc.com offers guidance on choosing keywords and using them effectively.


The Free Beginners Guide to SEO is a tool tha  is extremely useful in understanding an overview of search engine optimization. These 10 short chapters will guide you through the what, so what, and now what of SEO.

Point Blank SEO

Linking building is an integral element of SEO. The article Link Building Strategies – The Complete List by Point Blank SEO will effectually inform you about how significant link building is for search engines and your potential customers to find your website.

In just 26 days I have learned the “What” of search engine optimization, paid search, and inbound marketing. The next step is learning the “How”. Now we are not going to give away all of our trade secrets, but the following software vendors will aid you in building your digital marketing strategy. These will help you examine your current marketing efforts, build and maintain your campaigns, and provide thorough analyses through their analytic services. Understanding the services that these software vendors provide will increase your knowledge and the efficiency of your search and inbound efforts. They are invaluable to AdVision’s ability to provide effective digital marketing services to our clients.

Inbound Marketing







-Majestic SEO


-Google AdWords and the downloadable desktop version AdWords Editor

-Bing Ads



It’s been a fascinating and wild ride here in the AdVision office. There is no doubt in my mind that we will all continue learning – this industry is ever changing and new technologies are emerging daily that will make our jobs easier and more effective. Stay tuned to the AdVision blog page to keep up with us experts! 


Post by Holly Lieberman
July 3, 2013