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Things are heating up here at AdVision, we have a new eBook for you! Paid search is all about diligence. Our Introductory Guide to PPC will teach you some tips and tricks to managing your paid search campaigns.

Pay Per Click is one of the most targeted forms of advertising in the current marketing
landscape. Understanding what it is and how it works will allow you to make better decisions Introductory Guide to PPC Advertising regarding your digital marketing efforts.

Discover how to build proper keywords lists, structure your AdWords account, write effective and targeted ads, and lead your users to optimized landing pages once they click on your content.  It’s all about the user experience. Step into their shoes; if you do not have your potential users mentality while you are building your PPC campaign, it will not be fully successful.

Learn the money side of PPC from setting your budget to how bidding for keywords works on the AdWords platform and see how to measure your success with industry metrics.  A proper PPC campaign could take hours to build, and many more hours to maintain. However, this will yield significant ROI once you see your conversion rates increase and lead traffic grow. 

A well build PPC strategy coupled with an SEO plan will significantly expand your company’s digital footprint. If you have any further questions regarding PPC after reading our eBook, don’t be afraid to contact us.

Post by Holly Lieberman
July 12, 2013