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The holidays are not just a time for receiving, but also a great time for giving. Embracing the spirit of giving back, we got out of the office and volunteered at Metro Caring, a local hunger-prevention organization. During our three hours at Metro Caring, Judith, the Business Development and Marketing Officer, led us on a tour of the facility and we worked in the warehouse under the amazing leadership of Jess, the Food Access Coordinator.


Metro Caring emphasizes reducing food waste and providing healthful food access for residents in the Denver Metro area. We were amazed at the amount of food items that came in, especially all of the fresh produce. Metro Caring’s Fresh Foods Market only includes nutritious foods; therefore, we discarded many products with high sugar or fat-content.

advision-metro-caring-2.jpgOne of the more daunting tasks we took on was sorting through around 3 dozen boxes of grapes. We composted the bad grapes, ensuring that the ones left behind were only the freshest. Other items that we organized included: strawberries, blueberries, pineapples, lettuce, and other various pre-prepared items sent by major grocery stores.


During our tour, we learned about the hygiene products that Metro Caring also provides their shoppers. Metro Caring not only focuses on eliminating food waste, but also waste in general. For example, in partnership with Denver International Airport, Metro Caring receives toilet paper from the airport. On planes, when a flight ended and there were half-used rolls of toilet paper leftover, they were normally thrown away. Now, the airport sends Metro Caring those toilet paper rolls, reducing waste and providing shoppers with a necessary hygiene product.

Our experience volunteering at Metro Caring was truly rewarding. Judith consistently stressed that they could not do what they do without volunteers. After seeing the amount of food that needed to be sorted, I couldn’t agree more. If you or your company is interested in volunteering at Metro Caring, we highly encourage it! Learn more about volunteering here and explore the other self-sufficiency focused-programs that Metro Caring offers.

Taryn Kaufman
Post by Taryn Kaufman
December 13, 2017