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Anne Balistreri
By Anne Balistreri on October 27, 2015

How I Got a 68% Open Rate & 28% CTR on an Email Blast

Email marketing is not DEAD. Just often ignored. email marketing tips

204 Billion emails are sent every day worldwide with the average person receiving 126 directly to their inbox*. No wonder it’s nearly impossible to get your email noticed, opened, and further yet clicked on. According to MailChimp* the average open rate for a midsize company (26-50 employees) is 21.08% and the click-through rate is just hovering above 3% at 3.02%. 

With so much volume, the unsubscribe link often becomes the polite way of your potential customer to say, “Screw off!”  There is good news though! If you formulate your email the right way and use a few hard and fast marketing tactics you can get your email not only seen but also taken action on by your target audience. 

Follow the 4 email-marketing tricks I used to achieve a 68% open rate and a 28% click-through rate to improve your next campaign:


1. Don’t Make It Too “Salesy” 

Your customers are smart and so are the spam filters. If you want people to open your email you have to get past the spam filters first. Avoid using spammy keywords and phrases, using ALL CAPS, or using too many exclamation marks!!!

Words to avoid: 

• As seen on 

• Buy 

• Buy direct  

• Buying judgements  

• Clearance 

• Order  

• Order status 

• Order shipped by  

• Shopper    


2. Use a Straightforward Subject Line 

Believe it or not, boring subject lines work best. Staying true to the tip above, you don’t want to sell what’s inside; you want to tell what’s inside. Straightforward subject lines don’t come off as pushy or misleading. You might also be inclined to use creative copy, but statistics have shown that those open rates tend to not perform as well. Not to mention that because people receive so many emails, anything that even hints at being spammy or misleading is given a quick “delete”. 

So, what’s the secret you ask? It’s very simple. Your subject line should describe the subject of your email. That’s it. 


3. Optimized for Mobile

Stats say that 66% of all emails in the US are opened on mobile, leaving only 34% viewed on desktops*. You may think your email design looks beautiful and modern on your computer screen, but the 66% of your readers that view it on their smart phone or tablet would beg to differ. Follow these guidelines when designing and remember to send a test email to yourself first! 

• Minimum Font: Apple recommends 17-22px & Google recommends 18-22px

• Call-to-action Buttons: Apple recommends 44px squared & Google recommends 48px squared

• Avoid clustering several links together in your copy, this makes individual very hard to click on.

• Use a longer vertical design that accommodates an iPhone screen and encourages scrolling.


4. Segmentation 

When you have a specific offer and message to get across, you don’t want to blast it out across your whole database. Segmentation is an email marketing best practice that is not always practiced but needs to be. Email marketing campaigns can improve greatly by segmenting your communications.

Keep in mind that your buyers aren’t all the same. In fact, many businesses have 3-5 buyer personas that they’re catering to. If you own a custom closet and garage storage company, for example, you might have two very different customers. Some people visiting your site are only interested in creating the closet of their dreams, while others are interested in getting their garage organized so they have a home for their car again. Does it make sense to send the closet customer an email offering 25% off on their garage revamp? The answer is no. Blanketing both with the same broad message wouldn’t be as effective as sending a targeted email that spoke to each of their specific needs. 

Developing an effective email campaign that gets noticed isn’t easy but no one ever said it was! It’s difficult to get your message noticed but following these inbound marketing best practices will give you a leg up on your email competition. 


Could you use some help?

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Published by Anne Balistreri October 27, 2015
Anne Balistreri