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Instagram tips for business marketingInstagram launched on October 6, 2010 and since then has grown into one of the top social media platforms out there. This social app is based on the concept of sharing photos. The average user will take a photo, use the filters, post it and sit back waiting for likes and comments from friends. For the average user, this is a great use of the platform. However, for companies, this would seem to be much less useful than platforms like Twitter or Facebook that seem to be MADE for marketing.

Using Instagram as a marketing method takes a little creativity and “reaching out,” but it can be an important tool in any internet marketer’s arsenal. If you want to get the most from your Instagram account, keep in mind these tips from the pros!


Connect Your Accounts 

You don’t have a lot of room to tell potential customers, clients or followers about your business. Make certain you take advantage of the space you DO have to direct people to your webpage, Facebook and/or Twitter account. You may pick up Twitter followers who find your pictures engaging—these followers could turn into customers when they have the opportunity to discover more about your firm.

5 instagram tips for businesses 

Show Your Personality 

Posting quality pictures that give followers a sense of who you really are is the best way to grow your following. Give those who follow you a reason to share your photos with a friend. Be unique!

How to use instagram for businesses 

Use Hashtags

Just like Twitter, the use of the hashtag on Instagram is very useful. Have you built your brand hashtag into something recognizable yet? Do it now! Additionally, take advantage of trending hashtags when you post something that could be newsworthy or that connect with a big pop culture happening. Don’t be afraid to use multiple tags (usually the 1-4 range is good), but don’t use them unless they fit, or you’ll get a reputation as a “hashtag spammer."


Using hashtags for businesses


Be Interesting and Genuine

While you are a business and you are using Instagram as a marketing tool, it doesn’t have to look like you are! One of the most followed Instagram accounts is the one for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It is genuine, fun and doesn’t feel like marketing at all.


5 Ways to Take Advantage Of Instagram For Businesses



Don’t post a pic and then forget about it. Watch for comments and respond. People love interaction and they will be more likely to reach out to you again in the future or tag your brand in their own post!


As you can see, there is plenty you can do to get more from your Instagram account. What is best part about this social media site? It’s a lot of fun! Don’t let the fun factor get away from you—enjoy the chance to connect with your customers, and the marketing aspect will grow too.

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Sarah Brizendine
Post by Sarah Brizendine
May 23, 2014