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Sarah Brizendine
By Sarah Brizendine on September 09, 2015

Is HubSpot's LeadIn Right for Your Company?

What is LeadIn?

Leadin is a free plugin for WordPress that helps businesses turn website visitors into viable leads, all while learning about their behavior on-site. 

It was created to be a gateway to the world of Inbound, for indviduals or companies who are not ready to invest in HubSpot quite yet.

The best part? During INBOUND 2015, HubSpot announced LeadIn will be available for all major CMS platforms including Drupal and Joomla.

How does it work?

LeadIn allows you to create exit intent pop-up widows, which act as a conversion point on your website. This means that you can collect contact information from individual visitors and turn them into leads. 

Once a visitor has filled out the form, LeadIn allows you to gain insight into that specific contact's behavior on your site. The information you will have access to includes:

  • What pages they've viewed
  • How long they were on your site
  • When or if they returned to your site

Similar to HubSpot, LeadIn will search the web and collect lead intelligence for you, including the contact's social media profiles, number of employees,  and what they do.

So how is this information helpful to your company? This type of nformation allows you to understand your potential customers better. What are they interested in? What are their painpoints? Your sales team will have a clearer picture on a lead before ever even picking up the phone. Overtime, as you collect more data you'll have deeper insights that allow you to adjust your content or services according to your visitors needs. While this isn't an Inbound marketing strategy, it is one step into better understanding your buyer personas.

LeadIn also provides you with the opportunity to collect web analytics. The plugin tracks how many leads have converted (on-site conversion rate), what time/day they converted, and provide a general picture of how your website and form are performing.

With all the data collected from LeadIn, you are then able to segment your contacts into email lists, so that you're able to send the right content to the right people. Currently LeadIn integrates with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, AWeber and GetResponse. With the latest update that allows LeadIn to be used on any CMS, it's only logical more integrations are to follow within the next year.

When is LeadIn a good fit for you company?

We're HubSpot power users over here at AdVision, but we also recognize sometimes a company might need to test the waters before diving head first into Inbound marketing. As much as we'd like every company to have the marketing budget of their dreams, the fact of the matter is it can be hard to get the money you need. With HubSpot Basic still coming in at $200 a month, it can be pricey to get your company started with Inbound marketing. LeadIn acts as as the perfect proof of concept and allows your company to start dipping your toes into the water, until you're ready to make the leap.


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Published by Sarah Brizendine September 9, 2015
Sarah Brizendine