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Anne Balistreri
By Anne Balistreri on December 18, 2014

Marketing with Marsala: 2015 Pantone Color of the Year

Marketing with marsala 2015 Pantone Color of the year

In a grand tradition stretching back to 2000, Pantone selects a new color each year that influences industries as diverse as fashion, home décor, graphic design and online marketing. “The impactful, full-bodied qualities of Marsala make for an elegant, grounded statement color when used on its own or as a strong accent to many other colors,” claims Pantone on the page dedicated to the 2015 Color of the Year.

So how can we expect the new hue to impact business for the better? First by understanding the color, then knowing how it affects the consumer, and lastly finding the best ways to apply it.

What Is It?

Marsala is an Italian wine usually used in cooking. While it comes in a variety of tones and shades, its best-known varieties are a deep blush color. Pantone has picked up on this typical trait with their 2015 Color of the Year, whose “tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness.”

Marketing with Marsala 2015 pantone color of the year

In the Real World

Marsala’s place in the real world is marked by dark tones with hints of pink: brick, wine, pomegranate and fig allinherently carry these tones. Now that it has been declared a Pantone color, however, we will see it more and more in clothing, paints, in marketing materials and online. Depending on how it is used, marsala may evoke different emotions in the viewer.

Psychological Tactics

Red is an attention-drawing color. It raises the heartbeat and makes the viewer breath faster. Red cars are the most frequently targeted by thieves and police officers alike. Pantone, however, draws on a subtler psychology with marsala’s bluer overtones, claiming that “Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, drawing us into its embracing warmth.” It also describes the color as “nurturing and fulfilling,” making it ideal for use in industries devoted to convincing customers they can buy coziness, comfort, security and class by spending on this color.

Consumer Marketing


So how to use marsala for marketing? As it is a color that promises warmth and luxury, use it right up front in your inbound marketing to send this message. Content Design, CTA's, advertisements and infographics are all good places to incorporate the winey hue. Even if you already have a solidly established branding suite, you can still take steps to incorporate marsala’s bold hues into your color scheme. It works well as an accent added to an array of preexisting colors, used as a font color on neutral backgrounds such as grey, black or cream.

Kickstart 2015’s marketing efforts with marsala, a trendy tone equally perfect for a variety of seasons and industries.



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Published by Anne Balistreri December 18, 2014
Anne Balistreri