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Taryn Kaufman
By Taryn Kaufman on April 12, 2018

Meet the Pets That Inspire Our AdVision Team


Working at a digital marketing agency can be stressful. But with the help of our furry best friends, they reduce our blood pressure and make us smile constantly. AdVision is an office full of people who love and appreciate their pets. Come meet the animals that inspire our AdVision team everyday and learn more about our quirky pets:  

Name: Gus


Age: 7.5 (8 in August)

Breed: Yellow lab mix

All About Gus: I got Gus at a picnic for my dad's company. I had been wanting a yellow lab for a while and I saw him at the picnic and thought: "Oh please tell me you're trying to get rid of him." Sure enough, the woman holding him had an entire litter under one of her properties and he was the last one. I knew it was meant to be, and I immediately scooped him up! Gus loves burgers and every year gets “Birthday Burgs.” Gus loves watching TV, smiling, car rides, and swimming. Gus is really spectacular and has made my life better in SO many ways. Besides his shedding, he is perfect.

-Shannon Dwyer, Paid Media Account Manager


Name: Marlowe 

Age: 5

Breed: Australian Shepherd Mix


MarloweAll About Marlowe: I rescued  Marlowe from Lifeline Puppy Rescue here in Colorado. As I looked at all the dogs up for adoption, I saw a sad, little brown lump in the back of one of the cages. Despite her fear of most everyone, I knew I could give her a great life and haven't looked back since I took her home. In the years following, she's really come into her own and is one of the happiest dogs ever. Her favorite activities include asking for belly rubs, hiking any Colorado mountain, running from the vacuum, playing hide and seek, and burping after meals. Marlowe is an extremely loyal dog and the best friend a girl could ask for.

- Kelly McEvitt, Strategic Account Manager


Name: Odie (The Odiest)


Age: 11

Breed: Lab/Beagle/Mutt

All About Odie: I adopted Odie when he was 9 from the Foothills Animal Shelter. I grew up with a mom that only adopted senior animals, since no one really adopts senior citizens. Odie loves food. He has eaten an entire large pizza and 3 uncooked hamburger patties. He "burrows," which means he sleeps under blankets. I have blankets on my couch, bed and floor for him to burrow. He's taken over my life. He loves going on backpacking trips and will walk 5 miles for every 1 mile I can walk. He also LOVES swimming. I used to live really close to a pool and he would escape out of my front door and dive in. He has also jumped off a 10 foot cliff into a lake before when my friends and I were camping. He knows every trick from sit, sit pretty, jump, paw, speak, and roll over. 

- Callie Cernauskas, Paid Media Account Manager


Name: Casanova "Caz"


Age: 3.5

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

All About Caz: I got Caz from a breeder in Dyke, Texas. On the day I was supposed to pick Caz up, the breeder was going to her family reunion. She had me stop on the side of the highway to retrieve him. My highway puppy and I have been attached at the hip ever since. He lives up to his name and is a total flirt with the ladies. He needs to be scratched and loved on 24/7. He also has this uncanny ability to tell when it is dinner time. He goes up to the refrigerator and paws at it until he is fed. He loves park days, lounging regally with his paws crossed, and watching action-packed movies. He is a big fan of Harrison Ford.

- Taryn Kaufman, Associate Account Manager


Name: Bentley


Age: 7

Breed: English Labrador Retriever 

All About Bentley: 

We got Bentley from a breeder in Westminster who just had a litter of English Chocolate Labs. On the day we got Bentley, we went to the farm in Westminster and were directed to a pen of maybe 5 - 7 puppies running around and playing. While the other puppies were more interested in the dirt and water bowls, there was a brown Labrador puppy that wouldn’t leave me alone. Amy and I each chose the puppy we best connected with, and took them away from the pen to play. Upon setting her puppy down, Amy’s dog ran straight back to the pen while the dog I was playing with jumped up and only wanted to be held. It was a done deal at that point and Bentley became our puppy.  He loves to hold his leash in his mouth and walk himself. You can find Bentley at our office, enjoying his position as Director of Head Scratches.

- Matt Walde, Founder & President


Names: Bricks and Ivy (We are die-hard Cubs fans!)
Age: 4
All About Bricks and Ivy: The kids had been begging us for dogs, but our lives are too crazy to be good dog owners (we are gone a lot!). This past summer, the kids were driving me crazy with their constant fighting, so I told them if they could go 30 days with absolutely no fighting, we could get bunnies.  I thought they wouldn't make it a day, but they worked together and we enjoyed a blissful 30 days of no fighting! We knew we wanted to adopt, so we went to the Bunny Barn at the Colorado House Rabbit Society and spent an afternoon there meeting different pairs of bunnies.  We knew when we met Bricks and Ivy they were meant to be ours! Bricks and Ivy love kale and are also Cubs fans!
- Teresa Grammatke, Director of Services
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Published by Taryn Kaufman April 12, 2018
Taryn Kaufman