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By Sam Winn on July 02, 2015

Which Search Engine Do You Use And Why You Might Want To Reconsider


We all have our favorite browsers and if you are like most people, you have no intention of switching.  However, there have been some changes going on behind the scenes that might make you want to reconsider. 

Recent Changes In The Landscape Of The Search Engine Wars

Did you know that Firefox now uses Yahoo (Bing) as its primary default search engine?  And that Bing (DuckDuckGo) powers Siri for searches?  So what's going on and why all the changes?

Mozilla's 10-year contract with Google has expired and they have since decided to sign a 5-year contract with Yahoo.  Yahoo's share of the U.S. search market has been declining in recent years; therefore, this new partnership with Firefox was intended to provide a renewed hope for the search engine.  But don't worry, if you are a die-hard Google fan and want to continue using Firefox, but don't want Yahoo as your preferred search engine, they make it very easy to change your search option back to Google

Measuring This Change According To The Data

According to ComScore, Yahoo's percentage of the U.S. search market has been declining since this deal was signed, but Microsoft's has increased.  However, both services still fall far behind Google, which makes up about two-thirds of all online searches.  In fact, according to ComScore's May 2015 report, Google still holds 64% of the U.S. desktop search market share, while Bing is only receiving 20%.  And Google continues to dominate mobile searches quarter after quarter as well. 

What Does This Mean For SEO's?

Competition in the marketplace is generally a good thing and this change is no exception.  Now that Google has more competition, we could expect to see ad costs drop, if Bing is successful in gaining market share.  But are they capable of doing that?  There are actually several ways Bing already beats Google AdWords:

  • Bing ads have less competition
  • Bing ads have a cheaper cost per click
  • Bing ads have more campaign controls
  • Bing ads offer better device targeting options
  • Bing ads don't force close variants
  • Bing ads have better social extensions
  • Bing ads allow you to control search demographics

While there are good and bad aspects about each of the different search engines, Google is and may always be the frontrunner when it comes to being the preferred search engine of the people.   However, these changes have a different meaning when it comes to SEO's.  

With this new breed of competition comes an opportunity for SEO's, because more options and offers are now available to present to clients.  And with these options could come reduced costs and therefore a bigger return on their investment.  This is huge and makes for an interesting 2015!


The world of digital marketing is ever changing and so are the challenges that come with it.  Therefore, it's more important than ever to enlist the help of a digital marketing agency to take the reins.  They are well-versed in how to help keep you and your company at the top of the search engines and to effectively manage all your ad campaigns.  And if you choose not to hire a professional, you could easily find yourself on the losing end of the internet marketing spectrum! 

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Published by Sam Winn July 2, 2015