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I would say it’s that time of the year again, but here we are mid-December, finishing up No-Snow November and it's still warm in Denver. But that’s beside the point, come 2018 Google will be pumping full steam ahead, launching some new paid search products. Some are excited for the new products, but others might be skeptical. So I’m going to leave it up to you to decide.

Runway Clear for Landing

clear for landing-1.webp

Google’s favorite three words these days are MOBILE, MOBILE, and MOBILE! So with that in mind, Google will be taking more consideration into what the user experience is like on a mobile device or tablet.  This shift has been in the works for a long time.  Testing these experiences now for both desktop and mobile will be easier to generate. You will be able to target specific campaigns, ad groups, and keywords, as you would be able to normally. This will be great for partners that want to test the landing pages they are sending traffic to. This is nothing new, but Google is now getting into the game with their own device system called Google Optimize.


Improved Enhanced CPC Sounds Good Right? 


Don’t get me wrong, this feature is a great one to have if you are wanting to let Google drive. Picture them as the owner of your car. Since they are the owner and in control they will dictate how much you pay them to use your car, in other words pay-per-click. Personally, I do not believe in letting Google have that much control over my bids. Manual bidding is still a great way to get the maximum potential out of your account. Next year Google will be making significant modifications and improvements for this Enhanced CPC algorithm. This is their way of wanting you to jump on the train and drink the Kool-Aid in support of their smart bidding technology. It’s still too early for me to trust them fully. Be sure to also keep an eye on your active campaigns. Google is always looking to quickly update your account if you're not paying attention, as you can see from the notification I received back in November.

Ad Auto Play.png


Getting Extra Close for Customer Match

Even with Google launching Customer Match back in 2015, it had its pros and cons and more limitations than expected at first. Fast forward to what 2018 will bring: You will now be able to create unique match audiences that can include any of the following qualifications such as email, mailing address, phone numbers, and device IDs.  As you can see, Google is on a rampage about mobile and everything that has to go with it.  These features will help better serve the email-based customer match lists by incorporating different data points. Other tactics will be a new roll out of user IDs in place of emails for each visitor to your site for better tracking and analysis.


Why Did They Mess With the Interface?

Upset goofy-1.webp

I know two things for certain, okay maybe three, from my use with the new redesign. First, people in my profession generally hate it. Secondly, when I show the interface to someone that doesn’t use it everyday, they seem to like the feel of it. And lastly, I will continue to switch back to the old interface for as long as possible. They say it’s supposed to be faster and modern with a visual interface to help digest the data with ease. I personally think Google went this route to better suit the people that don’t really understand the AdWords platform to the fullest and are making it easy for them to let Google take control over the account. They will always say you will be able to access more exclusive features, but we shall see. I dread the day when they discontinue the old interface.

New PPC Interface.png

2018 will be quite the interesting year for paid search. Make sure you are up-to-date on all the new features they are launching, and decide whether you want to use them or not, as they will certainly try to get you to do what they want one way or another. Focus on what is working for your business. Having a third party PPC agency can ease some of the pressure and ensure that you are taking full advantage of your paid search campaigns. If you would like to discuss how your PPC account is doing, schedule a free PPC consultation.

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Post by David Davis II
December 15, 2017
Having gained valuable knowledge throughout the digital marketing industry, David became aggressively focused on continuing to learn as much as he can. He is very passionate about delivering results and helping clients take their business to the next level. When David is not in the office, you can find him hiking, biking, at a park or snowboarding in the winter.