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Jantzen Pahl
By Jantzen Pahl on August 13, 2020

Marketing may be fun, but it isn't always easy — especially if it's not one of your core competencies. Let's be real: you may need some help. That's where a marketing agency comes into the picture.

Jantzen Pahl
By Jantzen Pahl
on July 20, 2020

Finding new customers starts with successful lead generation strategies. Most people aren't going to visit a website they've never heard of and immediately make a purchase without doing any research or thinking about whether they are sure they want and need the product they are about to buy. At Brightlark Digital, we can help you capitalize on a variety of lead generation components to keep your company fresh in your potential customers' minds until they are ready to make a purchase. 

Meredith Cook
By Meredith Cook
on July 07, 2020

Brand affinity is a powerful driver for business growth. While brand awareness is a measure of how many consumers know about your business, and brand loyalty focuses on how many customers buy from your company, brand affinity is a metric that focuses on how customers feel about your brand. In other words, it's the technical term for why Coke drinkers would never get near a can of Pepsi, or why Android users get in arguments with Apple fans.

Josh Hansen
By Josh Hansen
on March 28, 2019

Advertising is simple and really hard. There are a lot of businesses, both big and small, wasting a lot of money on advertising. Bad advertising results can almost always be pointed back to poor planning and execution.

Whether you’re working with an agency or running your advertising efforts in-house, the following framework puts some structure around a proven approach to planning and launching a successful advertising campaign.