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By Teresa Grammatke on June 25, 2018

We all know the importance of blogging for your business and the many benefits you will see from doing so: Build your domain authority, increase backlinks to your business, be recognized as a thought leader in your industry, keep top of mind to your customers and top placement on search engines, to name just a few.  But what about your eCommerce site? Is blogging still important? The answer is a resounding yes! Not only is it important for all the reasons listed above, but when done correctly, it can help you increase revenue, both directly and indirectly.

By Jake Amberg
on November 22, 2017

One of my favorite guilty pleasures during the holiday season is watching the terrible Christmas movies that the Hallmark Channel airs every year. Obviously, these movies are not created for me, but I can’t help but love how cheesy, predictable, and bleached-white each of these movies are. Why are all of the plots basically the same? Why does it seem like there are only 10 actors these movies have to pick from? I will never have the answers to these questions. But these silly Christmas movies can teach us a broader life lesson beyond “you have to feel the spirit of Christmas” and “everybody needs to leave their high-paying city job, dump their long-term significant other, and move in with the local manger mechanic in a non-descript New England town.”

By Ivan Serrano
on December 15, 2014

The holiday season is encroaching. As streets fill with hot deals of Buy One Get One Free with red ribbons around signs, as the springy scent of fresh green wreaths, ringing bells, ice skates and peppermint hot chocolates permeate the streets and Chanukah menorahs and Christmas carols share public attention, the time is now riper than ever for retailers to find creative ways to squeeze in a few more holiday shoppers. But keep in mind: although the holiday season is certainly a time to bring in a lot more business, this also means the competition between retailers for holiday shoppers’ attention is also getting tighter. In short, you have to figure out how to stand out.

The economy hasn’t been at its best this year, but with the word “holiday” around the corner, purse strings inevitably start to open up a little more generously for the next few months. For businesses, this season means one thing (other than spending time with loved ones): opportunity. If you want to catch up with, or beat the trend, you’ll need to start planning fast, and there’s no better way to do this than through online media. With websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube now catching higher traffic than any sort of old-time advertising, there is a stronger market out there for companies to sell, and to sell with a single click of the mouse. It’s time to get creative in your methods, because shoppers too are getting smarter about finding ways to shortcut lines. With online shopping becoming almost as popular as “in-person” shopping, you’ll want to figure out how to tap into both trends, and catch every size and shape of shopper – from early bird to procrastinator. Here are some helpful inbound marketing tips to keep in mind that will help you boost your sales, by at least twenty percent: