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Kelly McEvitt
By Kelly McEvitt on July 28, 2020

This may shock you, but people are spending a lot more time on their phones and computers than they used to — especially since the outbreak of COVID-19. In fact, research indicates that data usage in early 2020 increased by as much as 47% compared to 2019.

Kelly McEvitt
By Kelly McEvitt
on September 18, 2018
Digital marketing moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and evaluate performance once in awhile, you could be missing out on sales. Marketing is an industry built around best practices. When a strategy works for one business, others jump onboard and attempt to duplicate that success. Because of that monkey see, monkey do mentality, some "best practices" have invaded marketer's brains, never to be reevaluated. That's a problem because we should never rely on the status quo. Marketing practices should be analyzed early and often. 
Meredith Cook
By Meredith Cook
on June 12, 2018

As our inboxes become more and more crowded, it’s your responsibility as a genius marketer to stand out above the rest. Email marketing without the right strategy leads to a lot of work without a lot of payoff, and the design of your email is one of the key ingredients in a successful strategy. Behold: the ten golden rules of email design that will set you on the path to inbox glory.

Meredith Cook
By Meredith Cook
on June 14, 2016

Back in high school, psychology was my favorite class. I loved learning about what goes on inside the brain. Cognitive bias, or the tendency to think or act a certain way outside our rational way of thinking, is one of the concepts I found most fascinating. And guess what? As grown-up marketers, understanding a few of these behavioral psychology concepts can be highly beneficial for all of us. 

One of the most important tools of marketing is to understand the audience we are trying to reach and persuade. These cognitive concepts allow us to better understand whom we’re talking to and predict how they will act. Keeping them at the forefront of your mind during creation of your marketing strategy will make for a much smoother, more effective message. Thank you, psych professor! 

Let’s go back to the classroom – here are six psychological principles to keep in your back pocket.

Pat Ahern
By Pat Ahern
on November 05, 2015

It's rare for someone to pull the trigger on a big purchase right away. Savvy customers can sometimes take several months to research and come to a decision. To help build a relationship between them and your brand, continual contact is key. When you grow your email list, you are also adding new leads to the pipeline who will be more willing to buy your wares. Asking for an email address is easier than asking them to spend thousands of dollars on your products. But, there's still some finesse needed to spur sign-ups and dramatically build your list. Today, were going to share our top 4 tips for increasing your number of email signups and inbound leads.

Anne Balistreri
By Anne Balistreri
on October 27, 2015

Email marketing is not DEAD. Just often ignored. 

204 Billion emails are sent every day worldwide with the average person receiving 126 directly to their inbox*. No wonder it’s nearly impossible to get your email noticed, opened, and further yet clicked on. According to MailChimp* the average open rate for a midsize company (26-50 employees) is 21.08% and the click-through rate is just hovering above 3% at 3.02%. 

Sarah Brizendine
By Sarah Brizendine
on June 04, 2015

Email is the holy grail of marketing. It's a timeless source of advertising that brings one of the highest returns on your investment than any other digital marketing strategy out there. It all starts with the methods you use to make your audience WANT to open your emails - every time! Here are five simple steps to help increase your email open rates.