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Sarah Brizendine
By Sarah Brizendine on April 04, 2014

Why It's Good Business to Give Free Advice on Your Blog

do-it-yourselfMany marketers are afraid to give a DIY solution as part of their inbound marketing. It can feel that, when you tell someone how to solve their problems on their own, it costs you business. Why would they come to you after you've given them the answer for free? But, as part of a smart content marketing strategy, giving things away can be a powerful seller. A few reasons why:

The DIYers Would Not Have Bought Anyway

Chances are, someone who wants to complete a specific task herself would probably not hire outside help if she can do it on her own. By sharing the how-to, you haven't lost business; you've demonstrated your knowledge and expertise.

You May Get the Sale in the Future

The task was within your reader's personal abilities this time. But, that is not going to always be the case. When he encounters more complex, tasks, he may decide that it's time to hand the reins to a professional. Through your helpful tutorials, videos and other educational content, you have shown that you know your field. This makes your reader that much more likely to trust you with his business when the times comes.

Plus, just because someone can do something on her own, that doesn't mean that she will always choose to. Smart people know when to DIY and when to delegate. Your how-to may show that the job is one best sent to a caring professional like you.

Take our Inbound Marketing Checklist, for example. We break down how to run an inbound campaign into easy-to-understand steps. Sure, we're giving away the recipe to our secret sauce.  But at the same time we're putting ourselves out there as a valuable resource. Maybe our readers will realize they don't know how to build an automated email workflow and will request our services. Maybe not. Either way, we're establishing a connection that we can continue to nurture.

DIYers Do Tend to Share

People who pride themselves on their ability to do it on their own can be your best allies. Why? Because they like to share their knowledge with other people. A savvy DIYer will read your valuable how-to and pass it along on social media, in emails and in conversation. This has a wealth of benefits:

  • It can put your company in front of people who would never have seen you otherwise.
  • Because the recommendation comes from a friend, you gain valuable social proof.
  • You get unsolicited backlinks that can help your ranking in the search engines.

Content Marketing Is a Long-term Strategy

Think long-term when you are creating or commissioning content for your site. It takes time to establish trust and positive feelings. Someone may visit several times before becoming a client. By consistently providing useful tips, tutorials, how-tos and other content that helps your readers help themselves, you build a reputation for quality and mastery.

Free helpful advice makes your marketing efforts more collaborative, friendly and trust-building. It can take time to develop client relationships through inbound methods. But, once a relationship is established, you will find that these can be some of your best customers.

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Published by Sarah Brizendine April 4, 2014
Sarah Brizendine